MāKā  believes that musicians are ambassadors of happiness, memories, hope and joy. We present them as ambassadors of what we believe are driving forces in all of our lives. Inspiration through the artistry of music. They  provide the soundtrack to our emotions and allow us to attach heartfelt moments to each and every day. MāKā is excited to engage with musicians who share our passion for life, music and hope, as well as serve as inspirations for others through the music they write. 

Our first MāKā Music Festival will be announced soon, stay tuned.

Emma G

MāKā is proud to present Wammie-nominated and multiple award-winning musician Emma G. She is no ordinary musician, but one with a mission to “save the world one song at a time.” The New Zealand-born “New Zealander of the Year Local Hero” singer-songwriter was just 4 months old when she was diagnosed with a rare health condition called hydrocephalus. After numerous and difficult brain surgeries, Emma G found that singing her truth was a powerful and effective tool to not only understand and process her condition, but to also connect with and empower her audiences around her. MāKā Music encourages you to learn more about this amazing Washington D.C. based singer-songwriter, activist, author and transformational youth coach.

Evan Gross

Singer- Songwriter – guitarist Evan Gross was born and raised in Poolesville, Maryland, spent years playing the Washington DC bar circuit and built a following of fans that appreciate his passion for putting forth raw talent and an almost southern charm. He now calls Nashville his home where the artistry of music lives on every corner and in bars that have been the foundation of so many great artists. His music offers a window into his life and mind where he welcomes all to take a peak of his personal journey expressed in each and every note that leaves his guitar. Evan puts forth an energy and spirit that audiences embrace and gives us all the sense that his future will be an amazing one. We are extremely proud to present Evan Gross as a MāKā Musician. Check out his Insta.

Kevin B. Klein

MāKā Musician Kevin B. Klein is a true rocker in all senses of the word. Hailing from Capac,  Michigan, Kevin is extremely passionate about his music and is relentless in his pursuit of sharing positivity with others. Kevin has “a profound love for classic rock music, specifically from the 80’s” and tours the east coast and midwest throughout the year. His dedication to music and persistent kindness towards others is why we consider Kevin to be not only a remarkable rock musician, but a performer worth listening to. Kevin can be found dropping in on Sirius XM Radio, opening for Tesla or sharing his latest album on rock loving radio stations throughout North America. We invite you to learn more about Kevin and catch him at his next show, wherever it may be.

MāKā artist Colt Lepley

Colt Winter Lepley

Colt Lepley is a remarkable folk singer/songwriter from Bedford Pennsylvania whose music is a gift of storytelling, a voice of character and a portal into places not seen but heard. We are so pleased to have Colt as a MāKā Musician and invite anyone who has a passion for folk music to check out his YouTube channel to get a sense of his talent. Having seen him in person, we truly experienced the storytelling journey he took us on and the passion he brings to his craft. Look for Colt’s upcoming performances with announcements typically made from his Facebook page. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


MāKā is proud to present RVKA, who began producing house music in 2013 when the EDM culture was slowly morphing into the mainstream. Inspired by Sebastian Ingrosso’s track Calling, artist RVKA dedicated himself to creating music that moves the soul. RVKA creates “Music you can’t necessarily just hear, but music you can feel,”  saying “In life, we go down various paths, venture through treacherous journeys and find new truth and growth, through it all.. we find our own sound..” When it comes to good vibrations, RVKA is supplying them.

RVKA’s sworn goal is to help you find your own sound and paint your own picture in this canvas of life.


Tonia Saba, also known as tsabz /sah-bz/, is a dj from the DMV.  tsabz’s style is influenced by their Lebanese upbringing in America during the 90s.  At their sets you’ll usually jam to a variety of different genres including early 90s and 2000’s hip hop, R&B, funk, Eurohouse, sometimes infused with Middle Eastern sounds.  tsabz’s goal with their music is to curate an environment where people are free to be themselves and let loose in community.  MāKā is pleased to present tsabz as one of our music artists and we invite you to hear their remix work on Soundcloud.

Gerard West

With music that is fresh, chill and relatable, Gerard West is constantly evolving. He brings percussive intensity to live shows, sings acoustic ballads that soothe the ears and at times seems like he is a one man band.  His performances demonstrate a level of expertise and entertainment that makes you turn and look just to see who exactly is putting forth such amazingly powerful music.  Regardless of where he plays, people are sure to listen and with it, appreciate the pure musical talent of Gerard West. Learn more about Gerard here.